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What is a time bank?

A time bank is a new and exciting way for people to come together to help others and help themselves at the same time. Participants 'deposit' their time in the bank by giving practical help and support to others and are able to 'withdraw' their time when they need something done themselves. Time banks measure and value all the different kinds of help and skills we can offer each other. In a time bank, everyone becomes both a giver and a receiver.
Everyone's time is valued equally: One hour = 1 time credit

Participants can spend their time credits on the skills and support of other participants when they need a helping hand. People help each other out with everything from making phone calls to sharing meals and giving lifts to the shops - anything that brings them together. As such Time Banking has an economic benefit as well as improving well-being and building social networks.

Please visit this link for an in depth exploration of time banking, co production and mental health.

History of TB

Dr Edgar Cahn, Civil Rights Lawyer and Activist, devised the time banking system, (then called ‘time dollars’ or ‘service credits’), whilst at the LSE in London in the 1980’s. One hour equals one time credit was not exactly rocket science but his ideas were to prove revolutionary, even though economists at the time argued vigorously about whether this new community currency based on time could actually grow social capital and revive the ‘core’ economy of family, neighbourhood and community.
Leaving the economists to their debate, Edgar Cahn returned to the USA to put his ideas into practice. Over the next decade time dollar projects emerged all across the USA, led by grass roots practitioners working in deprived inner city neighbourhoods.
These pioneering projects attracted interest in Japan where there are now hundreds of hybrid time dollar/LETS schemes, many with Government backing.
In the later half of the 1990’s David Boyle, Senior Associate at the New Economics Foundation, visited time dollar projects in the USA while researching his book, ‘Funny Money’. At around the same time, Martin Simon, then a Community Development Specialist, attended the first national time dollar congress in Portland, Maine. On their return they joined forces with Joy Robinson and Sarah Burns and the first time banks were opened in 1998, first the Fair Shares Time Bank in Stonehouse in Gloucestershire and then in Rushey Green at a GP’s surgery.
Since then, the growth of time banks and the amount of interest in time banking in the UK has been truly amazing. The number and range of applications of time banking has far exceeded everyone’s most optimistic expectations and time banks now support neighbourhood renewal, health improvement, life long learning, conventional volunteering, care for the environment and all other forms of community enterprise.
To quote Edgar Cahn, "You have achieved more in the past five years in the UK than we managed in the USA in twenty".


In February 2008, Drs Kevin Brinkhurst and Gemma Anson, General Practitioners based at Paxton Green Group Practice considered a proposal to Lambeth Primary Care Trust for a Time Bank in this area. The inspiration was Rushey Green Time Bank, Catford, and after a lot of research and visiting other South London Time Banks, a bid for a Special Fund established by Lambeth PCT was submitted. The practice was delighted when the PCT agreed to fund a Time Bank for 2 years. Two interim staff were employed to generate local interest in timebanking, and to recruit a board of trustees. The current staff team came into post in september 2008 and were working out of the Practice before moving into our new offices in Kingswood House in November 2008.


PGTB currently has over 200 active members, a figure which is growing weekly. We take referals from the staff team at the Practice, and are also open to the whole community. People self refer, and come to the timebank through word of mouth and through meeting us at local events or coming also to our drop in which is every monday at the Practice. We also work with a broad range of organisational members and their communities.

We are committed to supporting the growth of time banking both in Southwark and Lambeth, and also nationally by working in partnership with Time Banking UK. We also offer support to local people and organisations who wish to use coproduction as part of their day to day activities.



PGTB is currently working with other local agencies interested in Time Banking and Coproduction to develop a borough wide Lambeth Time Bank Network.We are also working to develop our local time bank 'hubs', enabling PGTB to reach wider communities and to retain local flavour.

AGM Minutes 2012

Trustees Annual Report 2013


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Meet the team!

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PGTB is a member led organisation based on the principles of coproduction.

Supporting the members are a small staff team and a board of trustees.

Nicole is the broker, who supports members and organisations to exchange skills and get involved in timebanking.  

Alison is the development manager, who works with other organisations to raise the profile of the time bank as well as working on sustainability and fundraising.

Janice is our broker support, who rings round members to remind them of events and keeps us all organised! 

Suzanne is our Time4Southwark project coordinator, growing time banking across the borough 

Kemi is our Time4Lambeth project coordinator, growing time banking across Lambeth 





  • Sue Gillie - Chair helps with fundraising and offers parlour games and help with social events.
  • Christine Warren - Treasurer offers befriending and gives lifts to and from social events.
  • Tyrrell Evans - is a Senior Partner at Paxton Green Group Practice and one of the first PGTB members
  • Joseph Boateng - is a local resident and has been working with KETRA, the local Tennants and Residents Association, for the last 20 years, and is in his third term as Chair. Joseph is a dedicated member of the time bank as well as a trustee, and feels it is essential that we all work together to make the local community stronger and to encourage families to spend time together.
  • Vanessa Gould Crouch - time bank member, coproduction practitioner and laughter yoga expert Vanessa joined the board of trustees in the autumn of 2011. 
  • Jenny Park - local resident with a background in Social Work and quilt maker extraordinaire
  • Carol Lath - our newest trustee Carol is a PGTB member, local resident and active part of local life, as a school governor amongst other interests. Carol also has a background in HR, and teaches French Conversation to PGTB members.


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PGTB is currently funded by: 

  • The Maudsley Charity 
  • Southwark Adult Social Care Innovation Fund 
  • Southwark Community Capacity 
  • Building Communities in Coldharbour - London Community Foundation 
  • City Bridge Trust 
  • London Catalyst
  • Sir Henry Smith Trust 
  • Tetley and Wakefield Trust
  • Zurich 
  • Zaiger Trust 
  • The Peter Minet Trust 
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund 
  • Woodward Trust