Bonded Thru Cancer

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A new charitable project honouring cancer survivors,  started by time bank members Lavinia and Natasha 

Paxton Green Community

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Here at Paxton Green Time Bank we pride ourselves on being a big part of our local community. From our base on the Kingswood Estate we are involved in a range of projects and initiatives from West Norwood up to the Palace and down to leafy Dulwich! Below you will find some of our friends, partners and relevant articles.


Paxton Green Time Bank is a member of the Federation of Small Charities Council 

Time4Southwark: Growing Timebanking in Southwark

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Time4Southwark is our three year project to increase timebanking opportunities in Southwark by supporting the growth of timebanking hubs.   Our work is informed and strengthened by a network of time banks and organisations and actively involved or interested in adopting a timebanking approach in their existing work. 

The core of our work aims to raise awareness of timebanking and its asset-based approach amongst health and social care professionals in the borough, working closely with Southwark Children’s and Adults Services staff. 

Our offer:  

We have been generously funded by Southwark Innovation Fund to support the growth of timebanking.  If you are a voluntary organisation or working with local communities and would like further information on how you might go about adopting or integrating timebanking into your existing work, get in touch.  Or contact us if you just want to know more about timebanking in general. We provide information, support and training and should you choose to use timebanking, we offer free membership to a database (used by time banks across the world) that facilitates the recording and tracking of skills exchanges. 

Thinking of timebanking? 

Suzanne Worrica, Time4Southwark Coordinator
T: 020 8670 0990  E:  Twitter:  @Time4southwark



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Time4Lambeth is an exciting initiative that is set up by Paxton Green Time Bank. We want to create... a happier, healthier, more sufficient Lambeth community. We do this by supporting local people and organisations to build relationships so they can work together to achieve what they need.  

We aim to facilitate the growth of new timebanking hubs in Lambeth. We aim to do this by supporting the development of timebanking hubs (e.g. cafes, schools, churches, community centres etc) where assets are shared in the local community.



There are many opportunities to get involved or hear about our work. Become a timebanking hub, sharing assets, people skills, and your time to build a timebanking Lambeth.



Kemi - Time4Lambeth Coordinator 


Tel: 020 8670 0990 

Facebook: Time4Lambeth

Twitter: @Time4Lambeth


Paxton Green Group Practice

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Paxton Green Group Practice

Paxton Green Group Practice (PGGP) is the largest single site general practice in Lambeth and Southwark, based at Paxton Green Health Centre in the Dulwich/ West Norwood area. The practice has nearly 20,000 registered patients who are based in an area marked by extreme differences in health, wealth and housing. The practice provides a very wide range of services through an extensive primary health care team. The practice has a long held commitment to supporting mental health and well being initiatives, and the Time Bank project fitted well with its involvement in community education and development. PGGP has an active patient participation group and an enthusiastic patient with diabetes group.
PGGP is delighted to be so closely associated and working with the Paxton Green Time Bank (PGTB). The benefits of developing personal networks and reducing social isolation has had dramatic effects on some of the people involved in the PGTB as shown by their comments and statements made later in this report. The energy and enthusiasm of many PGTB members and the team is inspiring. PGTB are in the process of appointing a researcher to help document the stories and if possible measure the benefits to members well being.
The challenges are many: securing future funding, expanding the project and membership, and measuring the benefits, but these can only be helped by this report on the PGTB project initial work and activities.


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EmmausEmmaus South Lambeth works to provide a home, work and family environment for homeless people and is a social enterprise selling quality secondhand goods and furniture. Emmaus is an organisational member of the time bank, offering help with a variety of activities including a series of ‘pop up furniture shops’ on a local estate where members can exchange credits for furniture. Several of the Emmaus companions are also individual members of the time bank, and we also coproduce regular activities including a monthly book club.

Dulwich Helpline

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Dulwich Helpline offers friendly support for isolated older people. Time bank members have helped out with wheelchair pushing, company on day trips out, and we have run several joint workshops with Dulwich Picture Gallery as well as joining in with their fabulous tea dances!

Kingswood Community Shop

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The Kingswood Community Shop is a bright and homely centre used by local people for I.T lessons, advice sessions and other activities.  Located on Kingswood Estate just a stone's throw from Paxton Green Time Bank's office, we are natural partners. Watch this space for more details.  Find out more about the Community Shop here.

Rushey Green Time Bank

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Rushey Green Time BankRushey Green Time Bank is the first GP Practice based Time Bank, and is situated in Lewisham. We were originally based on their work, and we have a great relationship with our ‘sister’ time bank which has included joint events, trips and even a weekend camping!

Kingswood House

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Kingswood HousePaxton Green Time Bank has our office in the Culloden rooms on the first floor in Kingswood House, a grade two listed mansion in Kingswood Estate. Kingswood House is a community facility and includes a public library and rooms are also available to hire for weddings, community events and commercial hire. PGTB often works in partnership with the Friends of Kingswood House and has supported various community events such as their annual Victorian Day, Open House Weekend and the summer Kingswood Festival.

Time Banking UK

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Time Banking UK

Time Banking Uk is the national umbrella charity for time banks in the UK.