Become a Paxton Green Time Bank Member

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CLICK HERE TO JOIN or Give us a call on 0208 670 0990            


Current Offers and Requests

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Do you have some time to spare?

Need anything doing?


Here's just some of our latest offers and requests; many more available



Giving lifts


Plant watering



Book keeping

Baby sitting

Simple decorating




Voice coaching

Craft work 

Cushion covers


Sewing/dress making





Thinking of joining us? Great! You are just a few steps away.

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Download the application form and return to us. Alternatively you can request an application form by post or phone.


When we receive your form we will contact you to arrange a face to face appointment where you learn more about us and we can start to get to know you. 


We will take up your references and then you can start earning and spending time credits!


If you would like to know more about Paxton Green Time bank before joining, you can:

  • Come to our monthly information drop-in at Paxton Green surgery - see our latest bulletin for dates
  • Drop in to the Time bank office and talk to a member of staff

Who can Join?

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Paxton Green Time Bank can include groups and organisations as well as individuals.  We have over 20 flexible and unique partnerships with like-minded organisations, based on a spirit of reciprocity.   If you are thinking of joining us and feel we would add value to your organisation, please telephone or email us for a conversation.   We are looking for partners committed to the co-production of public and voluntary services and building vibrant communities. 

What can YOU offer?

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Blankets from the Knitting Club
Blankets from the Knitting Club
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At Paxton Green Time Bank we believe that everyone has something special to offer – cooking a special meal, helping with a much needed clean or shop, reading or writing with someone, showing them how to use a computer or surf the web, going for a walk together or sharing a coffee – and it can be as simple as giving a lift, sewing on a button or planting a seed.

Reciprocity is at the heart of our time bank – that means to us, asking for help is just as important as giving.

Here are some of the skills and talents in our time bank.  

  • Advice on pain management
  • Befriending
  • Book lovers to join our Book Group
  • Car maintenance
  • Computer help
  • Help with de-cluttering
  • Help getting back to work
  • Low maintenance gardening
  • CV writing
  • How to use a drill
  • Walking companions



What can WE offer?

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Your Time Bank Needs You!
Your Time Bank Needs You!
Mon, 16 May 2011, 332 views

At our time bank no job is too small and while you’re earning credits helping out, you’ll probably be making friends and learning something new yourself.  You can also benefit from a range of talents and skills currently available in our time bank such as:

Art appreciation, Befriending,  Counselling, Dress making, Energy efficiency, French, Garden advice, Home repairs, Interior design, Jiu-Jitsu, Knitting, Literacy, Massage, Nutrition advice, Origami, Poetry, Reading, Setting up your own business, Teaching, Understanding how your body works, Vegetable growing, Window washing.

The Time Bank is a place of learning, of developing new skills and where people build friendships.  We offer a range of events, activities and training paid for in time credits including:


  • First Aid 
  • Find Your Focus 
  • Illustration 
  • Voice Coaching
  • How to Run a Self-help group
  • Community Development




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Now I'm a member, what happens next?

The Time Bank broker organises the skills swaps until you get to know members and start swapping time yourselves.  Phone or email the Time bank office and ask the broker to find you a way of offering your time, or if you need help.    You can also find people to share your skills or help you at our weekly drop-in and other activities and events.  When you get to know other members you are encouraged to ask them to help you out or offer your skills too.  In our experience, people are always happy to help!

How do I earn time credits? (Hours spent giving your time)

You can start earning time credits as soon as you begin your first assignment.  Use the Time credit record form to record the hours you have spent giving your time.  One hour = One credit.  When it is complete hand it in to the brokers so we can record it on Time Online – the online database.  In this way we can see how much community activity is happening. 

What if I get into debt?

Unlike a conventional bank account, there is no penalty for being in debt. All that is asked is that you give your time to someone else in the scheme when the opportunity arises. We recognise that there will always be participants who have a greater earning capacity than others. The option is given for them to donate some of their credits to fellow members or to a community pot to "top up" other accounts.  We encourage you to spend your credits so that someone else gets a chance to use their skills and earn credits themselves.

How will I know I am safe?

Paxton Green Time Bank ensures high standards of safety including:

  • two references taken on all participants
  • face to face introductions
  • Brokers accompany people on their first assignments and follow up afterwards
  • CRB checks undertaken whenever necessary
  • Encouraging members to get to know each other at social and group events
  • public liability insurance

An added safety measure is Time Online, the special computer software that does the matching, managed by the broker. By arranging the first assignment through the broker, we know where anyone carrying out a service is at a given time.  We also introduce both members on your first assignment where possible.  See our Values here

What if sometimes I can’t help out?

The Time Bank brokers will ask you to help anyone who is in need.  You might not have the time or energy or you may not get on with the member concerned.  It is ok to say no.  We encourage members to trust and develop their own judgment when helping out other members.  After all, it’s just like helping out your neighbours.  We run several social events so you can get to know other members and have some choice about who you engage with.  You don’t have to like everyone!  Our standards, values and code of conduct are set out in the Paxton Green Time Bank Values

Can groups join or is it just for individuals?

Time banks are for everyone and can include groups or individuals. Partnerships with organisations are flexible, individually tailored and run in the spirit of reciprocity. 

What is the difference between Time banks and volunteering?

The main difference between the two is:

Paxton Green Time Bank is not run on principles of traditional volunteering or of the Big Society.  Time banks value everyone’s time equally. You give an hour and you get an hour back - no matter what service is required or skill needed to deliver it. This exchange rate never changes.  Traditional volunteering is usually one way, where a person gives their time to help another person/organisation.  We believe everyone has the capacity to contribute something towards building better community life. 

Isn’t this just public services on the cheap?

There will never be enough resources to meet everyone’s needs through the public sector. Time banks can’t do everything any more than the government can. What time banks can do is to help fill the gaps that were perhaps traditionally filled by extended family and neighbours. An important bonus is that they help us realise that we all have skills that are valued by others. This not only creates a closer sense of neighbourliness but also increases each individual’s sense of self worth.