Paxton Green Time Bank Values

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These values have been developed with members to create a Time bank where people feel safe, respected and supported by us and other members.  We encourage you to maintain these values and support others to do so whilst on an assignment/representing the Time bank.  When members become friends, keep in mind the values important to your friendship.

Confidentiality and Respect

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Everyone likes a good gossip! Be aware that there are things that need to be kept private. 

  • Respect another’s privacy if someone tells you something in confidence
  • Respect each other’s beliefs and don’t pressure another member to accept your religious beliefs or political views. 
  • On an assignment don’t solicit or accept money, gifts or tips from each other or ask someone to sell something on your behalf. 
  • Try to leave any prejudices and snap judgements outside the Time Bank.

Punctuality and Reliability

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At the Time Bank, you can do as much or as little as you can manage.  There are times when it is necessary to tell us/members if you cannot attend an event or engagement. 

  • If you are going to be late or need to cancel an appointment with another member, please phone them.
  • Let the brokers or another member know if you are going to be late to a Time bank event/activity you are expected at.

When doing a task for another member

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When doing a task for another member

  • Before you begin the task, agree with the recipient how the task will get done
  • Give clear instructions to the person who is helping you.  As the ‘helper’, clarify the instructions with the other person if necessary
  • Phone the brokers and let us know about the good things that you are doing.  Remember to keep a record of your exchanges!

When things don’t work out

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There will be times when the exchange just doesn’t work out for you.  Something might have gone wrong or you don’t like the way someone has talked to you.  This is ok – you don’t have to get on with everyone!  If things become difficult:

  • Talk to the other person first to see if you can solve the issue together.  You may need to agree to disagree! Let the time bank know if you have concerns.
  • You can say no if you are asked to do something you don’t want to.  Be firm, but polite
  • Try to solve the problem between you.  However, if you are physically or verbally threatened or you feel exploited, let the Brokers know as soon as you can

Equalities Statement

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Equality and diversity are vital to the Time bank.  We seek to show this in all our work.

  • As an equal opportunities and equal access organisation we will provide and promote equality of opportunity in the Time bank regardless of individual differences between people.  This means that you will have the same level of service as everyone else who joins the Time bank
  • The Time bank seeks to ensure that inclusion is at the heart of all our work. We are committed to making the time bank a welcoming place to be, regardless of who you are or how you identify yourself whether man, woman, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, disabled, and of your ethnic origin, immigration status, religion or belief, age, income, any record of offence or other criterion not mentioned here
  • The Time bank recognises that some clients and users of its services may, because of their past or present distress or illness, say or do things which would otherwise be unacceptable and incompatible with our Equalities Policy. We will do all we can to challenge such behaviour. In cases where intervention is possible a gentle approach will be adopted which aims to alter attitudes and behaviour while maintaining support for the distressed client.
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Time bank Code of Conduct

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This code of conduct is designed to give guidance for ensuring the Time bank runs effectively and to encourage mutual respect for everyone involved.

  • Members work within the Time bank Equalities Policy
  • Members listen to each other and respect individual differences and viewpoints – even if you do not share them
  • In line with our Equalities Policy, members try not to use abusive or aggressive language/actions towards each other.  If this happens frequently and at a level that intimidates others, we will speak to you in confidence to try to support you to maintain your membership or if necessary, signpost you to more appropriate support. 
  • Time bank members respect confidentiality – only sharing personal information with others if they have permission to do so

Duty of Care

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  • The Time bank owes a “duty of care” to our members. 
  • At times we may have to breach confidentiality where a member is acting or likely to act in a way that could cause harm to themselves or put others at risk.  
  • This means we will, in most cases with the member’s permission, contact the person’s GP or support workers or other relevant person. 
  • Staff will always discuss this first before taking any action.